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30 Signs You’ve Lived in London Too Long

You proclaim with glee how cheap everything is as soon as you’re 10 miles north of Watford You find yourself telling your parents that they haven’t lived until they’ve tried sourdough pizza You spend £12 on a Whole Foods salad for lunch and die a little bit inside You roll your eyes every time you get […]

13 Things to Do in Valencia

So you might have seen from my many gratuitous Instagrams that I spent a long weekend on the continent last week, in the sunny city of Valencia. We packed quite a lot into four days and I fell a bit in love with the place, so I thought I’d share my top tips and recommendations […]

Wilderness Festival 2015

It feels like every blog post I write these days starts with “It’s been a while since my latest update!”, for which I can only apologise for how annoying that might sound. But whatever, it’s true! Life has been something of a whirlwind recently – SHORT RECAP OF LIFE UPDATES: I moved house, had a […]

Malaysia pt 3: Langkawi

My Malaysian adventure has come to an end. Sad face. But hey, the Christmas countdown starts now! Though I hear I’ve missed the first screening of ‘Love Actually’ this season. Double sad face! For the final leg of our trip we spent six days in gorgeous Langkawi, an island comprising of 99 separate islands, most […]

Malaysia pt 2: Penang

After the sticky heat & overcrowded streets of KL, the next part of our holiday was four days on the island of Penang. We got a 30 minute domestic flight over to Georgetown and checked into Hotel Penaga, an old-style ‘heritage’ hotel owned by an architect, which had gorgeous period features & stained glass windows. […]

Malaysia pt 1: Kuala Lumpur

If you follow me on Instagram then this is probably old news, but for those who don’t – I’m in Malaysia! Sorry to rub it in, but it is sunny and scorching over here; much nicer than the current climate in London or so I’ve heard… Bragging is minimal after this paragraph, promise. We started […]

A trip to Nice

Clearly I can’t get enough of France this summer! In addition to a fleeting trip to Paris last month, my friends and I booked a four-day trip to Nice over this past weekend. The holiday was extra special because one of us (not me!) is getting married next year and the rest of us have […]

A birthday in Paris

I celebrated my quarter-century birthday this week and as a treat to ourselves, my boyfriend Mike and I booked a little two day adventure to Paris! (It was his birthday too so double celebration YAY). We last visited Paris for New Years Eve 2012/2013 with his brother and sister-in-law, which was a pretty magical time […]

A weekend in Oxford.

Back in my interning days many moons ago I spent 3 months in Oxford working for a teeny publishing company. I’ve not been back since despite it being so close to London (under an hour on the train and not much £ either). But this weekend the whole Tewkesbury clan was there to celebrate a […]