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Interview with the Comparison Coach, Lucy Sheridan

Anybody who tells you that they’ve never compared themselves to other people is lying. LYING, I tell you! We’ve all been there, whether it’s the beautiful holiday photos, or the excitable new job Facebook status, or your colleague’s amazing opportunity that you feel you deserved more. Comparison effortlessly shows up in our daily life, and social networks give us […]

#GivePresence – The Bane of Busyness

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! (Not sure if we should “celebrate” Black Friday judging by some of the stories in the news today, but still). With all the festive spirit on social media my eye was caught by the lululemon campaign ‘Give Presence’. I watched the video and highly recommend you give it your attention for a few […]

The Spirited Sessions

Photo credit to Rebecca Campbell, rebeccacampbell.me As I lie flat on my back breathing deeply to a kundalini meditation lightly touching my ‘third eye’, I get a vision of how my sister would react if she saw what I was doing right now. Probably convulsing with suppressed laughter, exactly like we used to do in […]