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Interview with Mel Wells, founder of the Green Goddess Life

I’m back from holidaaaayyyy! After a rough week of ¬†watching sunsets, sampling local¬†wines and wandering the ancient streets of Santorini it’s a great feeling to be back at my desk with an already fading tan… Hmm maybe not so much. However, I have missed giving For Good Times’ Sake all the love and attention it […]

Interview with Chelsea Parsons, founder of Well & Happy

It’s time for this month’s special guest! When I first found Chelsea’s blog (through Instagram, which is where I make most of my new blog discoveries!) I thought her message was so inspiring and positive. Not to mention that I fell in love with her enormous St Bernard, Bernie, who features in a lot of […]

Interview with Lauren Armes, founder of welltodo London

I’m WELL EXCITED to share this new post with you today. Ever since starting this blog, I’ve had the notion that I’d like it to be a place that not only shares my own ramblings on living a good life, but showcases other people’s ideas on the subject too. Now that we’re into 2015 and […]