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The Runners

Hello all! I’ve had a mini-hiatus from blogging the past few weeks but I’m back with a whole load of autumn posts up my sleeve which I’m hoping will be with you before 2014 is out. I wanted to share (in case you haven’t seen it) the short film ‘The Runners’ which was released a […]

Half-Marathon Memo #4: Race Day!

Well, the day finally came that has been looming over me for several months now – race day! For the past couple of weeks in particular I’ve felt the same sort of mix of nerves/excitement/dread that you used to get before an exam at school. Which is silly really, because who would care whether I […]

Half-Marathon Memo #3

It’s four weeks till race day and the glorious heat wave of July has disappeared. In its place are sharp winds, rain and even occasional thunderstorms. S’laters, summer! Whilst running in cooler temperatures is actually better, I’m a massive wuss when it comes to running in the rain. I know some people really dig it, […]

Half-Marathon Memo #2

Eight weeks until the much anticipated half-marathon, and it feels a bit like my body is telling me off for how I’ve been training so far. My shoulders are sore, my back is aching, my blisters have blisters and I can’t remember the last time my legs didn’t feel constantly clenched. To top it all […]

Half-Marathon Memo #1.

So for me, 2014 has officially been declared the¬†Year of Running. Pre-2014, I had considered myself one of those “I’m not a running person” types and was equally amazed and appalled at anyone who could manage to wheeze their way through 5km. But now it seems that everyone in London is at it, myself included! […]