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Thanks so much for checking out For Good Times’ Sake. My name is Ruth and I live in sunny (well, sometimes) London.

I started this blog writing mostly about health and wellness, but nowadays I like to think of my little space on the internet as more of an online diary – encompassing everything I feel like sharing, whether that’s the latest books I’m devouring, my weird opinions, travel escapades, food I’ve fallen in love with, how I’m trying to stay fit, or anything else that makes me want to type furiously! I’ve learnt this year that blogging alongside a full-time job is harder than others make it seem… so I might not be quite as punctual as some of my fellow bloggers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it any less!

I can’t wait to share my good times with you and hope you’ll share yours with me too 🙂


Follow me on Twitter / Instagram: @ruthtewkkers

I love getting emails! (Doesn’t everyone?!) Drop me a line at forgoodtimessake@outlook.com.

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