My Favourite Spring Wellbeing Products

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When I first started this blog (nearly two years ago now – say whatttt) I was all about the experiences over the things. For example, I never really found beauty products, fashion or material stuff that interesting. Partly because I wasn’t that bothered about following trends, but mostly because I was poor LOL true story.

I wasn’t the kind of person to get excited by having cute nails or discovering the perfect plum lip shade. Disclosure – I’ve still never to this day actually owned a single lipstick. 

Fast forward to now, however, and I have no shame in admitting I’m a bit of a product junkie (sorry bank balance).

I’m still just as into experiences and would MUCH rather spend £200 on a weekend away than a new dress. But I’ve also discovered that a fit pair of shoes can really brighten my month, treating my skin well can put a big smile on my face, and err yeah even a bit of natural make-up can give me that extra confidence boost as I leave the house in the mornings.

So to honour that I thought it would be fun to write an edit of some of my favourite products that I’ve been using a lot this Spring (and Winter to be fair – fellow dry-skinned people will know that the cold months are not our friends).

Tropic Skincare Facial Oil

How did I not know until 2016 how magical facial oil is? I use this one every evening before bed and it is a godsend if you suffer from eczema or dryness. This one is made from all natural products and is really gentle on you skin. I hesitated at the price but this has lasted me three months and counting so it’s well worth it as far as I’m concerned.

Tropic Skincare Warming Mineral Mask

If your Monday night (or in fact any night) consists of a bath, face mask and Netflix – you’re basically winning at life. This face mask is a big step up from the 99p sachets my sister and I used to get from Boots for a wild Saturday night. For one thing, it doesn’t dry your skin out like most of them do. Instead of drying out and cracking, the Tropic mask warms your skin, purifying and moisturising and doing all of that type of jazz.

Tropic Skincare Body Smooth

This honestly smells so good that I haven’t thrown the empty jar away because I don’t want to not have it in my bathroom anymore. OK, maybe next pay day I’ll treat myself but for now that’s the situation. 

The scrub is all salty and zesty and lemony but it’s also made with macadamia nut oil so your skin feels kind of waxy afterwards (in a good way, lol). OK, I’m done with the Tropic products now so you can all breathe a virtual sigh of relief.

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Moroccan Oil

I used to put argan oil on my roots, but I got this beauty for Christmas and so far haven’t looked back. I run it through my hair after washing and before blow-drying to keep my hair all healthy and whatnot. It’s pretty good at taming any frizz and like most products on this list, smells heavenly.

Neal’s Yard Aromatic Foaming Bath

A perfect mix of lavender, geranium and spanish marjoram all in one heady bath cocktail. This is really nice for unwinding before bed. I’m genuinely sold on the blue bottles alone.

Moa Peppermint & Fennel Bath Oil

This bath oil, however, is amazing if you need a bit of perking up or revitalising. The peppermint is really fresh so I like to add it to the bath if I’ve just been for a run or am feeling a bit under the weather (read: hungover).

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M&S Fruity Mandarin Candle

I snapped this big tin candle up for an absolute BARGAIN at £4. Yep that’s right, someone sign this girl up for Bargain Hunt PRONTO. The zesty orangey spring-y scent really lifts my mood at the moment and I’m going to Valencia in a few weeks where I imagine they will have real life orange trees that I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR.

Chuckling Goat Wake Up Cleanser

This cleansing bar is really refreshing and made purely from goats milk kefir, lemongrass and essential oils. It’s so gentle you can use it on your face too – the label even says that you could eat it (though it probably wouldn’t taste great so maybe don’t try it). I’ve been to the farm where the products are made, so yes I’m a tad biased – but not without very good reason.

Neal’s Yard Ultimate Beauty Oil

I’ve been adding a capful of this to my breakfast most mornings. Is it doing anything? Who can truly say. But the label claims that it gives you healthier hair, skin and nails, which I’ll happily take. It’s a blend of avocado oil, golden flaxseed oil, hempseed oil and evening primrose oil that will give you a butt-load of Omega fatty acids – so it’s good if you’re on a quest to ‘get the glow’, whatever that really means… Of course I’m sure that when I eventually run out I will feel compelled to buy more. Bloody consumer I’ve turned into.

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