10 Great Podcasts that Aren’t Serial

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… Because everyone knows that Serial’s Season Two  isn’t a patch on Season One.

Is it just me, or are podcasts having a real resurgence right now? Sorry if that statement offends any seasoned podcasters or podcastees, but I’ve only come to love and appreciate them in the past year or so. These days it seems as though every blogger under the sun is starting a podcast, and frankly, I’m not complaining.

Why did nobody tell me before how your commute can go in the blink of an eye with one of these babies in your pocket? Seriously, they’re a godsend on any type of journey, especially  when you have fellow travellers invading your personal space and making it impossible to subtly get out your paperback – as is often the case on the London Underground.

Here’s 10 of my favourite audio pals, and I definitely want to discover more so am very interested in any suggestions!


This American Life

Although clearly not an American, I am obsessed with the collections of stories that TAL seamlessly pull together each week. Americans just seem to have podcasts nailed a lot better than we do tbh, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Each week the show covers a different theme, brought to life through various true stories that vary from shocking, to hilarious, to inspiring, to sad. It basically gives you all the feels.


Women of the Hour

This is a mini-series created by Lena Dunham to support the release of her book Not That Kind of Girl in paperback (if you don’t know about that book then who even are you we can’t be friends). There are only 4 or 5 episodes, focused on the themes in Lena’s book – friendship, love & sex, body image, work and spirituality. She brings together an amazing bunch of women, some of whom are familiar (hi Emma Stone with your sexy voice) and some newer voices too. All of the content on there is insightful, balanced and really well thought through.

If you’re pressed for time, I’d recommend listening to the Friendship episode and hearing the emails exchanged between Lena and her friend Ashley Ford. They’re both phenomenal writers and as such have a beautifully poetic and funny account of how they became friends that was really sweet to listen to.

Desert Island Discs

A CLASSIC. How the hell could I write a podcast list and not include this one. I mean seriously. I love this piece by Dolly Alderton on why she loves DID and I’m inclined to agree with everything she says about why it’s so great. This show features a lot of well-known people, but it’s highly unlikely that you know them that well at all. Hearing about how that person grew up, what their childhood was like, and the eight tracks that have influenced their life is like a magical formula that gets you straight to the heart of who they are.


Magic Lessons

Back to a bit of Liz Gilbert love… The author of Eat Pray Love created this podcast to support the release of her latest book Big Magic (which I gushed about already on the blog). Over a few episodes, Liz guides callers through their creative struggles and doses out wisdom from her overflowing well of down-to-earth advice.

Woman’s Hour

I’ll be completely honest – I only listen to Woman’s Hour when I’m in a “I want to feel intelligent and be a sophisticated adult” mood, which is not quite as often as I should be. The subjects are serious but they also get some great guests and have really interesting debates. Good for keeping up with ~important news~.

The Wellness Wonderland

If the term ‘wellness podcast’ gives you visions of Insta-perfect models jabbering on about green juice for hours, you couldn’t be more wrong about this podcast. Katie Dalebout is a blogger and podcast host, who shares tips on meditation, body positivity, self-love, journaling, gratitude, food, fitness, you name it. She gets some pretty cool guests from the wellness world, and listening to them chat usually just makes me feel better about life!

TED Radio Hour

This podcast probably has the best / most American intro music of this whole list – if you’ve heard it, you’ll know what I mean. The TED team pull together four talks that follow a certain theme and edits them into a radio show. The host of the show interviews the speakers separately too so there tends to be some really interesting conversations. Recommended if you like learning about the big stuff e.g. Money, Fear, Death, Beauty, Creativity, Happiness… basically Life.


#Girlboss Radio

I never really considered myself much of a #Girlboss before I read the book and then I was like ohhhhh I get it – you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or biz-lady to be considered a #Girlboss (and you really can’t ever say the word without putting a hashtag in front of it). In Sophia Amoruso’s book, she explains that #Girlboss is a state of mind, where you can go for what you want, work hard, and not piss people off or get trampled on along the way.

To be honest, I listen to this podcast less for the interviews with super successful women, and more for the chats between Sophia and her comedian friend Liz Carey. They are friendship goals.



I think this podcast might be a bit love-it-or-hate-it as it’s very “millennial vibe” which you might be bloody sick of hearing about quite frankly. The topics are quite mixed as it’s intended as a dose of pop culture for people who are confused about what counts as cool these days. I really liked the episode they did on White Oscars and also orthorexia (featuring fellow podcaster on this list Katie Dalebout!)

FullSizeRender-1Spirit Animal

I only discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and am in love with it! Blogger Laetitia Wajnapel aka Mademoiselle Robot has put together this cute mini-series about how animals can help us to become better humans. The episodes are 10 minutes or so long, focusing on a particular animal (and sometimes other things) that display a certain trait or characteristic which humans can learn from. You don’t just channel one spirit animal in your lifetime folks, you can be inspired by allll the animals. Alright, and Beyoncé too if you so wish.


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