My Autumn/Winter Wish List


If I see the words ‘pumpkin spice latte’ on the internet one more time I swear I might do my own version of this EPIC rant.

The seasons are changing once again, and I’m in that confused stage of having to start wearing different clothes, and realising I hate all of my winter stuff. Factored in with chunky scarves and multi-layering causing crazy Underground tube sweats, I haven’t quite been as much in the “let’s talk about the beauty of Autumn” mood as some of my compadres.

However, I do like that the end of 2015 is in sight and we’re ever so slightly creeping in to the Christmas build up. I mean for god’s sake, Waitrose already have a Christmas aisle! And Selfridges have launched a beautiful mystical shop floor with the Astrolounge! I get all the tingly excitements in the festive period and in true consumerist style already have my sights set on some essential (or maybe not so much) items and activities to get me back in the seasonal swing.

Scented Candles

I know, this one is way too obvious. But wintry-smelling candles always manage to magically cheer me up when it’s dark and cold outside and genuinely help me chill out in the evenings. My obsession with Muji continues to grow, and I can’t get enough of their log fire candle that makes me feel almost as though I’m sat in front of a roaring open hearth.

Bath Products

At the moment, I’m using Neal’s Yard Soothing Lavender Bath Oil, combined with Epsom Salts. Dreamy, especially after a chilly park run.

Christmas Party Dress

Which will inevitably be left too last minute and will involve a mad rush to Topshop where I will buy something that closely resembles my many other dresses. Sigh.

Books, books, books

I’ve been subtly trying to stash my ever-increasing pile of books before my boyfriend notices how many I’ve been buying recently. Since the big titles of Super Thursday and the Man Booker were announced, my list is getting longer and longer. Luckily the frequent delays on my tube line have meant I’ve been tearing through them – I’ll hopefully get another reviews post up soon!

Ballet Tickets

I finally booked these. Mike and I are going to see Matthew Bourne’s gothic version of Sleeping Beauty at Sadler’s Wells and I. Cannot. Wait. I saw his version of Edward Scissorhands there last year and it was completely captivating. Tickets start at just £12 FYI.

A Haircut

I know this doesn’t really count as a ‘thing’ but there’s nothing like a change of season to make you realise OMG it’s been SEVEN MONTHS since I last had my hair cut. Well, that and the stupidly long pony tail. I somehow managed to convince my aunty to give it her best shot last weekend, which thankfully means the end of annoying-hair-caught-in-scarf moments.

Cinema Trips

So it turns out that when you’re doing Sober October, a good way of avoiding booze and hanging out with your friends is going to the cinema! And it helps that there are some crackers out at the moment too. I’ve already seen The Martian with Matt Damon and Suffragette, both of which I enjoyed for different reasons. And yes, before one of my so-called ‘friends’ feels the need to enlighten you, I did for a short time believe that The Martian was based on a true story. I’ll definitely be hitting up SPECTRE and the final Hunger Games instalment, and may end up being dragged along to Star Wars too… family-size popcorn at the ready!

I won’t blather on about the rest of my pre-Christmas wish list, but would love to know what you’ve been lusting after recently and if there are any other autumn or wintry items you get excited about at the turn of the season.

Happy pumpkin-carving, hot chocolate drinking, autumn leaves Instagramming and all that jazz!


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  1. My local supermarket already has a Christmas tree up! I’m resisting for as long as possible!

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