Interview with Mel Wells, founder of the Green Goddess Life

Mel Wells

I’m back from holidaaaayyyy! After a rough week of  watching sunsets, sampling local wines and wandering the ancient streets of Santorini it’s a great feeling to be back at my desk with an already fading tan… Hmm maybe not so much. However, I have missed giving For Good Times’ Sake all the love and attention it deserves, so as an extra special treat I’ve got a cracker of an interview with the gorgeous Mel Wells.

Mel is a food coach and the founder of the Green Goddess Life, a lifestyle blog that helps you to love your body from the inside out by ditching the diets and eating to feel good. I first met Mel a few months ago and even in that short time her sunny presence has kept me going back to her weekly videos for a regular dose of inspiration! Her views on food and life are completely on my wavelength so I reckon you’ll love her just as much as I do 🙂


What inspired you to set up the Green Goddess Life?

I was blessed with a great relationship with food as a teenager, and I never really thought about it. That all changed when I went into performing arts and the pressure of perfection gave me a really unhealthy relationship with food and my body. That lasted all the way through my acting career even until after I got married, and was always losing and gaining the same 2-3 stone. I talk about my wake up call that inspired me to start my career as a food coach in the first video of my new training series here –

What tips would you give to anyone trying to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle?

I would say forget dieting, counting calories, or tracking food obsessively. Eat based on how you want to feel instead of striving to make drastic changes to your body. When you become in tune with your body, it will tell you what it wants. And also – try new things! Experiment with a recipe or two from

You’re passionate about getting people to ditch the diets – why are they so potentially harmful to us?

Oh, I could talk about this for hours! The main two problems with nearly all diets are 1) most of them aren’t nutritionally sound, the create these fancy plans with points and food types and encourage you to eat fake diet foods which are just full of crap. Secondly, they take away your power around food. You are saying to your body, “I don’t trust you” and following these plans and rules instead. No one wants to be on a diet forever, which is why as soon as they stop, they gain all the weight back. I believe in changing your lifestyle so that it’s just who you are.

What are your non-negotiable wellness practices?

Regular exercise that you ENJOY, I don’t find running fun so I don’t do it, but I love crossfit and yoga so I’ve made them non-negotiable parts of my week. I also drink at least 4pints of water a day. I can’t function at my best if I’m dehydrated.

Who or what inspires you the most?

My mum – she is the original Green Goddess for sure! She has been growing her own vegetables for years, never buys anything processed, never berates her body, but pampers herself all the time, and enjoys the odd bottle of red in the garden too. She is my absolute idol for her beautiful balance around food. I should have listened to her more when I was a teenager, but I always fought her instead. She was of course right all along 🙂

What do you eat to kickstart the day and stay energised throughout?

I always start the day with at least a pint of my favourite green goddess juice and I make sure I have a good balance in my work and personal life. At one point I was doing 8hrs straight of 1:1 skype coaching calls a day and that was so draining for me, so now I have my calls and creative work balanced throughout the week. I also schedule in my yoga and workouts so I know I have that time out of my day for me.

Which of your recipes would you recommend we try?

Whatever takes your fancy! I’m especially proud of my 3 ingredient raw chocolate recipe and my Green Goddess Bowl o’ Love. It’s the best bowl ever!e autumn. All will be revealed!!

What’s in store for you this year?

This is such an exciting year for The Green Goddess Life with the first launch of The Green Goddess Academy, and I’m already making plans for the second round in early 2016 which is going to be incredible. I’m planning more retreats, some new live UK events and I even have a physical product coming up for the autumn. All will be revealed!!

Thanks, Mel! You can access Mel’s weekly recipes by signing up to her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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