5 Ingredient Recipe: Raw Almond Butter Treats with Chocolate Icing

Almond Butter Raw Cakes

Well, this is probably the most unhealthy thing I’ve ever made in an attempt to be “healthy” in all my life. But screw it, these massively rich but decadently moreish raw cakes deserve some fanfare for combining five of my all time favourite ingredients. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure what to call them. Cups? Cakes? Flapjacks? Cupcakes?! Sometimes this whole blogging thing leaves me feeling as though all of my creative vocabulary got left behind when I finished university. I’ve gone for the vaguely titled ‘treats’ but let me know in the comments if you have a better name!

I’m trying to up my intake of raw foods now that we’re into warmer weather and it’s more appealing to eat fewer hot meals. I’m not saying that recipes like this are going to help you slim down for summer (!), but they are a satisfying antidote to sweet cravings, as you only need a small amount to feel like you’ve had enough.

12 servings

1/2 cup oats

1 tub Wyldsson almond butter (360g) Note: Wyldsson sent me their new Almond and Vanilla butter to try out, and this product has a thicker, crunchier consistency than most nut butters as it contains some seeds and dried fruit. If you’re using a smooth almond butter, then make sure to add 2-3 more tbsps of oats to compensate, or some seeds of your own!

5-7 tbsps clear honey (can be substituted with agave syrup)

2-3 tbsps raw cacao powder

5-7 tbsps coconut oil

Grease a small muffin or cupcake tray with coconut oil.

Mix the oats and almond butter together until they form a sticky, solid consistency for your bases. Add two tablespoons of melted coconut oil and/or two tablespoons of honey to help bind it together.

Fill the tin with the bases, pressing firmly down with your fingertips so they are filled by about three quarters.

Next, add 5 tbsps of honey with about 5 tbsps melted coconut oil in a bowl. Mix together thoroughly and then add 2-3 tbsps raw cacao powder (depends how chocolatey you want them!) until they make a thick topping.

Using a knife, smooth the icing over the top of the bases so it’s evenly spread, then put the tray in the freezer for about an hour. Once removed they should be set and ready to eat!

Make sure to keep them in the fridge as they can melt quickly in warm weather. They last for a week at least this way, that is, if they’re not all demolished in about three days like mine were 😉

Happy eating!

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