Running 10k and Sleeping All Day

Running motivation

It’s kind of amazing what you can do when you’re motivated enough, isn’t it?!

I’ve started setting myself monthly goals – nothing massive, just some targets to aim towards that will keep me on track and encourage me to take little right actions instead of endlessly procrastinating (something I’m prone to doing A LOT). When I wrote my goals for March, one of them was ‘Run 10k in 60 minutes’. At last year’s race, my final time was 68 minutes, and I wasn’t feeling hopeful that I’d shave much off that since I hadn’t built my training back up to the full distance yet.

However, with a task to focus on and get me out for those early morning runs, I somehow miraculously managed to finish in 59 minutes on race day – a new PB!! I am so happy that I’ve improved by a full ten minutes from last year. I definitely want to keep running regularly to maintain this level of fitness, so have already signed up for the Nike Women’s 10k in June like an eager beaver. I always used to tell myself and other people “I’m not a natural runner”… just goes to show you can prove yourself wrong (especially in a sport that requires hardly any technical skill).

There were a few hundred taking part in the race, with most of us raising money for various charities.  My team mates and I are so pleased to have raised nearly £1000 for the Honeypot Children’s Charity, and being super close to our target we would appreciate any last minute support you could send their way to continue the great work they do:

We swiftly whisked ourselves off to the pub after the race – to recoup the lost calories with beer, naturally 😉 But not before an obligatory medal photo, as you can see below (we were a lot sweatier than the picture conveys, but you guys know I’m keen on heavy filters). Once I got home, I decided the best way to recover from all the excitement was to take a three hour nap in the middle of the day, cause y’know, I’d had a very early start and that. I missed all the drama of the Six Nations finals day, but it was totally worth it… or not, as the 7pm hangover may have proven. Whoops!

I want to leave this post on a motivational note, so people who dislike being encouraged to do stuff – look away now.

If you think of yourself as not suited to running, or are wary of trying it out, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go! I’m living proof that literally anybody can do it with a bit of practice. You can use introductory apps such as Couch to 5k to slowly build up your stamina, and it’s the least competitive sport there is. Despite the banter on race day, you’re only running for your own benefit and don’t need to measure against anyone but yourself. You never know, you might have found your new favourite hobby!

OK I’ll end the pep talk there. Have an awesome week, everyone!



  1. Congratulations amazing work! What’s your next goal?

    1. Thank you Bethan! Next goal is to do at least 20 mins of yoga every day. It makes such a positive difference to my day when I’ve practised 🙂 Also aiming to run my next 10k in 55 minutes… we’ll see how that goes! xx

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