Bounce Below & Trip to Wales


I’m now back in London after spending a few days in Wales visiting my Mum and Dad. I had a great time doing all the things I love doing at home – going for country walks, running by the beach, drinking at the local & eating too many of my mums AMAZING chocolate raspberry brownies. But this time, I left with a special souvenir. A bloody massive bruise on my hand that could be mistaken for gangrene if you read a lot of historical novels (I do).

I won’t bother recounting the gory details of how I injured myself, as I don’t want to blow my cover as one of the worlds biggest hypochondriacs, but all I’ll say is I’m now on the mend and it wasn’t anything remotely serious. The almost-gangrened hand is all thanks to my experience at Bounce Below – the worlds largest indoor trampoline centre, hidden in the slate caverns of Snowdonia.

If you want to see what it looks like, this video gives a pretty accurate depiction, minus the House of Pain soundtrack. Unsurprisingly,  none of the pictures I took came out very well…. hey, have you ever taken a good photo on a trampoline in the dark?!

There were three floors of trampolines, with various rope ladders and chutes to navigate your way between them. Combined, the trampolines are twice the size of the floor space in St Paul’s Cathedral, so plenty of room to bounce away!

As soon as we entered the cave, our group started buzzing with excitement. After some shaky starts with lots of falling over, I jumped around until I could jump no more, getting quite sweaty under a hard hat in the process. I’m not sure exactly how many calories you can work off from trampolining but let’s just say I felt the burn for more than a day afterwards!

There was something quite magical about experiencing the joy of everyone around us, watching Dads get just as excited as their kids and overhearing friends screeching “This is the best day of my life!!!!” It was exhilarating, exhausting, a bit smelly, but so much fun.

What I love about getting out of London is the impetus to be outdoors every day. Despite the freezing winds and drizzly rain that formed much of the backdrop of my youth, it still felt amazing to be in nature for a change, in a place that is so wild and alive. Putting myself in a different space with no work or distractions is often the best thing to find some peace. Now I’m back to the busy routine, but it feels more relaxed than before. Quieter, easier, more gentle.

Now that Spring is in touching distance I’ll definitely be looking for more reasons to get outdoors! Who’s with me!?

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