10K Training (AKA Tackling my Inner Sloth)


The start of 2015 brought fresh fitness resolutions that have been harder for me to stick to than originally thought. I blame the weather (excuse of champions!), but I know deep down that to truly get me into the groove, especially with running, I have to set myself a challenge & sign up to a race.

Last year I ran my first race – I call it a race but it was definitely not competitive! My work colleagues and I did a 10k for charity, which forced me to start running outdoors – something I’d previously shied away from, pretending the lure of the treadmill was much more appealing. Yeah right!

This year we’ve decided to do the same race again, which will be another great opportunity to raise money but I also have my own hidden agenda in that it will give me an extra push to train and combat my inner sloth.

Insert cute sloth picture here.

As part of my training I’ve tried out a new thing, called running to work. It involves a bulky rucksack, a lot of heavily panting “sorry!!”s as I weave around puzzled looking commuters, and some territorial battles over towel space in the office shower. All in all, I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle but it has sped up my commute no end!

Thankfully it’s starting to get lighter and warmer now, meaning a pre or post-work run doesn’t require layering up for Arctic conditions. I’ve taken it fairly easy so far as I had about a four month gap since I last ran regularly. However, I am secretly hoping to beat my time from 2014 which if I remember correctly was 1 hour 8 minutes. Which I suppose means I better start upping my game!

I’m doing the 10k largely for pleasure but it would be amazing to also raise some money for the Honeypot Foundation, who do brilliant work with child carers. Here’s the link if you’re interested in donating to them:

I hope you have a great week, and any motivation you can send my way is 100% appreciated!

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