Interview with Chelsea Parsons, founder of Well & Happy


It’s time for this month’s special guest! When I first found Chelsea’s blog (through Instagram, which is where I make most of my new blog discoveries!) I thought her message was so inspiring and positive. Not to mention that I fell in love with her enormous St Bernard, Bernie, who features in a lot of her photos!

Her blog Well & Happy is full of beautiful food and positive vibes, and it has quickly grown into a business that offers an online shop, wellness lunches, and maybe even a future cafe opening! Read on for Chelsea’s story, tips and advice on living a healthier lifestyle.

1. What inspired you to set up Well and Happy, and when did you take the plunge to run it as your full time business?

I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with health, fitness, happiness and positivity – but my passion stemmed from a journey I took with my Mum a few years ago. After she battled with cancer for years we explored together the impact that your food and your thoughts have on your body. My Mum sadly passed away in 2010, but I’ve continued to research, study and grow in this area, learning so much that its inspired me to show others what it’s all about. My own body has been a huge source of learning too and through a better understanding of health and happiness, I’ve definitely discovered so much about food being a true medicine.

Ultimately Well and Happy will be fully launching in the form of a cafe in early 2016 – however for now I’ll hopefully be popping up on and offline with lots of healthy and happy goodies! If my life so far has taught me anything it’s that life is short and it’s a gift – don’t waste it!

2. What tips would you give to anyone trying to live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle?

I believe that it all starts with our digestive system. With 90% of our serotonin receptors found in our stomachs, it makes sense to start here – especially since serotonin imbalances are linked to so many problems, including adrenal issues, depression, thyroid issues, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and SAD.

So start by listening to your body. How do you feel after you eat your food, what reaction is it causing? Are you energised or lethargic? Do you feel good or are you bloated? If you don’t feel good after eating something, then you really should look at what you’re eating and how your digestive system is.

Finally – there is no one size fits all when it comes to a healthy approach. Whilst Paleo may have cured one persons issues and veganism may make some people feel amazing – it doesn’t suit everyone… so not only do we need to experiment when it comes to healthy approaches to see what feels good to us, I also think we need to be mindful and respectful of other peoples choices.

3. What are your own non-negotiable wellness practices?

Staying balanced. We can’t all be completely virtuous. If you want to enjoy a slice of someones ‘un’healthy birthday cake, go for it. The more healthy principles you adopt, the less likely you are to crave this stuff anyway!

Going outdoors… nature is literally the best therapy and heading outside whatever the weather is often a cure all for most ailments, moods and down days.

Starting the day with alkalising goodness – be it a green juice or a green smoothie, I’m then ready to face anything the day might throw at me!

4. Who or what inspires you the most?

People who follow their dreams… famous or not – I truly get inspired when I’m surrounded by, listening to, reading about or watching someone who’s had a dream and worked hard to achieve it. I believe we all have a story to tell – and it’s those that follow their passions who proceed to share theirs with the world.

5. What do you eat to kickstart the day and stay energised throughout?

I like to start the day with either a cold pressed green juice or a smoothie. I think that the first thing to hit our digestive system should be something filled with goodness. The great thing with greens is it’s totally alkalising, which is great for instant energy, a great blood cleanser and should set you up to stay healthily on track for the remainder of the day.

6. What is the number one recipe on your blog that you’d recommend we try?

My coconut pie – inspired by a few visits to Cafe Gratitude in LA, coconut pie is now my favourite dessert to make. It’s super easy and I haven’t yet had a dinner guest unimpressed!

7. What can we expect from Well and Happy in 2015?

Lots! I’m running several wellness lunches in 2015, the first one was successfully debuted in February. The idea behind them is to bring health lovers together for a plant based lunch, teamed with inspiration and a little touch of cafe magic. As well as this the Well and Happy shop is growing – so I’m always in full recipe creation mode to bring new healthy yummies to send to hungry bellies. The next year is an opportunity for me to get to know the healthy market… So once I open the cafe doors the following year, I can do so armed with an abundance of knowledge.

Thanks for the interview Chelsea! Read more from Chelsea at or follow her on Instagram for positive vibes & cute Bernie pics 🙂

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