5 Ingredient Recipe: Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes


It’s Pancake Day today! To celebrate I’m sharing the recipe for this stack of delicious buckwheat blueberry pancakes that I made over the weekend as a lazy Sunday treat. I felt like I owed my boyfriend a decent breakfast as he made a sterling effort on the Valentines Day front!

Buckwheat flour is practically identical to white flour in terms of taste and texture, but has a higher fibre and protein content. It is also gluten free so is an amazing alternative for breads, cakes etc if you are coeliac or intolerant to gluten. I personally am not either of those things, but I thought I’d try the buckwheat anyway since it has a better nutritional value and you can’t really taste the difference between that and normal flour. Plus I’ve seen so many drool-worthy pics of buckwheat pancakes on Instagram I needed to see what all the flippin’ (ahem) fuss was about!


Makes about 8-10 pancakes

1 1/2 cups buckwheat flour
2 medium eggs
1 large banana
1/2 cup almond milk
2 large handfuls of blueberries

Added extras:
1 tsp baking powder to make fluffy American-style pancakes, otherwise they will be more French crepe style – ooh la la 😉
Maple syrup, to serve


Mash the banana and add to a blender with all batter ingredients except the blueberries. Blend for a minute or so until smooth. I find blending MUCH easier than whisking the batter by hand, but you can do that at the end too to get any remaining lumps out.

Add the blueberries to the batter then heat a frying pan with a little bit of coconut or frying oil. Put 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture into the pan and fry for two minutes, before flipping to cook the other side for two minutes. Repeat this process until you have a nice big stack, adding more oil when the batter starts sticking to the pan.

Serve drizzled with maple syrup and fresh fruit if you’re seriously trying to impress!

I was stuffed for about five hours after scoffing these, so be prepared to slob out for the rest of the morning/evening in a pancake coma. Totally worth it though.


One comment

  1. Looks so yummy!!! I look forward to following your blog 😉
    -April from The Thin Kitchen

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