Deliciously Ella’s Health Tips & Homemade Oat Milk Recipe

Hi guys! So yesterday I went to Fare Healthy, an event to showcase some of the top names and brands in London’s health scene.

Although the venue was very overcrowded (which goes to show how popular healthy living has become), we managed to squeeze in to watch Deliciously Ella and Natasha Corrett’s hour-long talks.

I took away some good, practical tips from Ella’s talk which I thought I’d share with you.

1. Start small
If you’re not used to eating healthy food, don’t go cold turkey overnight. You don’t have to reach straight for the kale, but instead focus on adding one extra portion of fruit or veg to every meal. That’s 21 added portions per week! If you don’t like the bitterness of green juice, start with smoothies and gradually lessen the fruit and add more greens over time.

2. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet
You have to love the food you’re eating, otherwise it’s not going to be sustainable for the long-term. Try finding healthier alternatives to your favourite junk foods but don’t deprive yourself of anything your body is craving.

3. Be prepared
It does sound boring, but setting aside two hours on a Sunday to cook up big batches of grains and vegetables will ensure you’ve got healthy food on hand when the hunger monster strikes. Similarly with snacks, keep healthy things at your desk such as energy balls or granola bars instead of the chocolate. If you come home late and hungry, you’ll end up eating whatever’s in the fridge, so having healthy treats will go a long way.

4. Eat smaller amounts of higher quality meat
As well as being much better for the environment, eating less meat is also kinder to your body.

5. Stay away from free-from products!
Ok, I know this may be an obvious one but I was reminded again by Ella how much crap is in supermarket products. They’re also much more expensive and don’t give you any better nutrition than the regular alternatives.

Following on from this point, Ella explained how you could make your own dairy-free milk without resorting to the additive-laden supermarket versions. It was so simple I had a go making it this afternoon, and it turned out delicious!

Homemade Oat Milk

Add 1 cup of oats to a bowl with 3 cups of water, and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Then add to a blender and mix well for about 1 minute.

I added a teeny pinch of salt, vanilla extract and cinnamon for flavour, and I was delighted with how it came out. This should last for a few days in the fridge and cost barely anything!

Served here with some of my healthy raw chocolate fudge, which turned out quite messy but oh so good. I’ll post the recipe soon! Hope you’ve had a brilliant Sunday.

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