5 Ingredient Recipe: Smoothie Bowl

I want to prove that it’s possible to eat healthy, real, delicious food on any budget, which is why I’m introducing a ‘5 Ingredient’ recipe series! Well, it’s also because I hate long shopping lists and can never be bothered to follow complicated recipes, but that didn’t sound as good for an opening line.

I think it’s fairly obvious from the title what the idea is… But for any who haven’t caught on all you need to make these dishes are five ingredients or less. There will be sweet & savoury recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are sure to get your housemates or colleagues’ attention!

To kick off, what better than the humble morning smoothie bowl? This is great if you want a light breakfast but a juice just won’t cut it. I usually want my breakfast to fill me up until lunchtime, so will add half an avocado for healthy fats and some oats or muesli flakes as a topping.



1 banana
1/2 medium, ripe avocado
2 handfuls frozen berries
150 ml unsweetened almond / oat milk
1 tbsp baobab powder

Optional superfood extra: 4 açai berry capsules (available from Organic Burst)


Add everything to the blender and blend until smooth. It will have a thick consistency, so add water if you want it less gloopy!

Serve in a bowl and top it off with any extras (I used chia seeds, spelt flakes and blackberries here) or you can enjoy all on its own in a glass.

The baobab powder has a fruity taste and will help keep you alert and awake throughout the day. At the moment you can buy it online and in health food stores but it looks set to become a much more widely-available health food product in 2015.

You can experiment with the fruit obviously, I used banana and frozen summer fruits as it’s currently the middle of winter so not much is in season. If you froze this smoothie too it would also make a delicious fruity sorbet, though it’s probably too cold for that at the moment! Mmmm, ok I’m off to daydream about summer now 😊 have a great day!

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