A Happy and Healthy 2015

Happy new year! I hope you had a fun Christmas and New Years’ break and are looking forward to all that 2015 has to bring.

I had a very restful week with my family in Wales, although my poor Dad was ill for most of it which meant his dinner was pulverised into ‘Christmas lunch soup’ – it tasted a lot better than it looked.

I’m now back home in London with my friends and boyfriend, and thankfully have got over the bluesy post-Christmas depression that comes with empty days and too many leftovers.

But now’s the time for spring cleaning, de-cluttering, hitting the gym & setting your goals and intentions for the year ahead. I for one am admittedly terrible at sticking to resolutions, and this is usually because they are unrealistic or too specific. So this time I thought about it and settled on fitness and writing as two activities which I often bypass in favour of lazier pursuits.

Here are some of the brilliant gifts I received over Christmas which will help me to get more active and creative:

10 hours of classes at the Power Yoga Company

This was such an unexpected present! It seems I’ve moaned about the cost of yoga classes in London enough for my boyfriend to take notice – the Power Yoga Company is my favourite studio in Parsons Green so I’ll be spending a lot of time there this month. 🙂

Yoga mat, Yogamatters

Finally a proper mat to practise on at home! I’ve just downloaded Fitstar Yoga, a new free app that tracks your progress and personalises yoga sessions to your skill level. The videos are in short, manageable chunks and you can give feedback along the way on which poses are too easy or hard for you.

Nike Cheyenne Vapor II Running Pack, Runners Need

The distance from my house to work is the perfect length to jog in the mornings – about 4.5km. At the moment I walk most days, but now I have no excuses as I can take my clothes to work and change there.

Journal from Paperchase & personalised notebook from Not on the High Street

I love pretty stationery, so was very pleased to receive these gorgeous notebooks from my family. Starting a blog is definitely one of my proudest achievements of 2014 and what’s better is that I’ve a) managed to keep it going and b) met some awesome people through it already! I want to try and post more regularly in 2015 (hence the writing goal) and hopefully these planners will help me stay on track.


Scented candle, Neom Organics

Confession – I’m one of those girls who goes into shops just to smell the candles.

Top and leggings, Hip & Healthy

I’m always happy to get new workout clothes, especially from Hip & Healthy! I love the pattern on these leggings and the top has some kind of technology that actively lowers body temperature. It’s weird to think that not so long ago I’d go to the gym in old uni t-shirts but now I have a drawer stuffed with fitness-wear… what’s happened to me!? 😉

So those are some items which will inspire my healthy, happy 2015. I wish everyone a glorious new year, and would love to read what your resolutions are, as well as any Christmas gifts that will help encourage them. Thanks for reading and I hope the return to work isn’t too painful!


  1. In love with those leggings!! I only have black ones at the moment and I need some cool ones, you know, to help me work out better…!


    1. Thanks Charlotte! Haha I know right, it totally helps… Or at least makes you feel better whilst doing it!

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