Malaysia pt 1: Kuala Lumpur

If you follow me on Instagram then this is probably old news, but for those who don’t – I’m in Malaysia! Sorry to rub it in, but it is sunny and scorching over here; much nicer than the current climate in London or so I’ve heard… Bragging is minimal after this paragraph, promise.

We started our trip with three days in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. After two long haul flights we arrived at our hostel The Explorers Guesthouse at 8am after not sleeping for more than 24 hours. It took slightly longer than expected to get over the jetlag… What hindered (but eventually helped) was that our room had no windows, so while the lights were out we had no idea what time it was in the outside world. This may have led to an accidental lie in until nearly 2pm…. Whoops!

Our first stop was the Menara Tower, the tallest building in Malaysia at 420m. I love the feeling of looking down at a city from a big height – whether it’s a plane, monument, hill, or whatever – it really helps you understand the city better.

We had a 360 degree view of the sprawling city – the centre is actually quite small but the different districts seem to spread out over a fairly wide area. The most visually impressive building was the glittering Petronas Towers, which truly looked like something from a space age.


As well as the skyscrapers and endless shopping malls, there were also some beautiful green spaces in KL, like the Perdana Botanical Gardens where I mainly argued with Mike about where the hell we were. However, we ended up at a great Bird Park where they let wild and tropical birds roam free around you. Cue many tourists (with selfie sticks – *shudder*) taking photos of themselves with proud peacocks, pelicans and lots more birds I can’t remember the name of. My bird photo below – can you tell I didn’t want to get too close?!? Another pretty area we visited was the scenic Lake Titiwangsa, and yes, there was some immature giggling at the name from both of us.



Other highlights included an aquarium with a walk-under shark tunnel(!) and the stunning Thean Hou Temple which was like nothing I’ve seen before and instantly made me feel relaxed and peaceful.



Our hostel was right next to the Central Market which was great for food and Aladdin pants, my new favourite item of clothing. Right in the heart of Chinatown, we ate more than a few spring rolls, curries and even a sweet n sour deep fried fish! There were a lot of freshly pressed juices on offer too as well as coconuts for less than Β£1. Healthy options aren’t too hard to come by when you look hard enough but I’m enjoying all of the culinary delights that Asia has to offer! This is the nighttime street food market Jalan Alor, where as obvious tourists we were hassled a bit but still had a tasty Thai dinner.


Our next part of the trip is four days in Georgetown on the island of Penang – a small colonial city known famously for its street food at hawker stalls. We are loving it so far so stay tuned for more holiday bragging to come!



  1. You got closer to the bird than I would…I am absolutely petrified of peacocks!!

    1. Haha that’s about as close as I could go! There was no chance I’d touch it, they are quite freaky close up.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Your trip looks so amazing.

    1. Thank you! 😊 your blog has gorgeous pics too!

  3. Looks wonderful! I haven’t travelled anywhere exciting in a while… Makes me want to take a trip!

    1. Thanks Imogen! You should 😊 then I’ll read about all of your adventures while I’m back in grey London haha! x

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