Half-Marathon Memo #4: Race Day!

Well, the day finally came that has been looming over me for several months now – race day!

For the past couple of weeks in particular I’ve felt the same sort of mix of nerves/excitement/dread that you used to get before an exam at school. Which is silly really, because who would care whether I ran a few miles or not? But it’s like signing up to a race automatically puts pressure on yourself. You get asked what time you’re going for, are expected to get a training schedule in place, and most importantly need to avoid any injuries! All of these things stressed me out over the last few weeks so I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am now that it’s over 🙂

We started the day at 6am with a small bowl of my Overnight Oats (bit obsessed now) and got ready in a tired/bewildered haze, before dragging ourselves down to Kew for 8. Visualise lots of neon figures stretching, complaining about the toilet queues and generally pacing around nervously (me).

The race kicked off at 9 through Kew Gardens and headed all the way down the river to Ham House in Richmond, before finishing up at the Old Deer Park. That might not sound too difficult to you reading this but trust me it was 13 miles of gruelling, sweaty pain!

Ok, that’s not strictly true. The first 8 miles or so were great and I was loving the scenery. Pretty Richmond! It’s like being in the countryside! But I found the final 5 miles fairly torturous. I made the classic runner mistake of starting too quickly and trying stupidly to avoid being overtaken. In that last stretch I should have been ready to power through and do my killer sprint finish, but all I wanted to do was keel over and inject Red Bull into my veins.

But enough of me whinging about how hard it was. I finished! It definitely wasn’t a fast time by any standards (2 hrs 25 mins) but I went past the point of caring by the end. I’m just glad I did it, even if it means I can’t climb stairs for a week or so.

Thanks Richmond Running Festival for a great event! I did say I’d release my 5 most embarrassing running tracks on completion, so here they are for you:

1. Bye Bye Bye – N Sync
2. Dip it Low – Christina Milian
3. DNA – Little Mix
4. Telephone – Lady Gaga
5. Bangarang – Skrillex

Don’t judge me!

Sorry for the lack of photographic evidence –  after finishing I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I forgot to take pictures, but here is one of my shiny medal as proof that I didn’t just make this all up.


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