Plant-Based Picnic

As lots of you on Instagram may be aware, last Sunday saw the much-anticipated September Plant-Based Picnic at Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea. Hosted by health food bloggers Nutritiously Natasha, Plant-Based Pixie and Maxine (aka Gloriously Delicious), Tanya’s was inundated with delectable vegan treats. Think raw cakes, guilt-free chocolate, sumptuous salads, cold pressed juices, and every kind of bliss ball you could possibly imagine. It was healthy heaven!

I left it to the professionals to take photos (you can view them all here, or have a peek at #plantbasedpicnic on Instagram).

I brought a sweet and savoury offering for the occasion and although they weren’t the prettiest creations on the table they tasted delicious IMHO 😉

For the Chocolate Banana Oat Cookies, I used this recipe from Naturally Sassy, though I did have to make some stealthy substitutions e.g. rice syrup instead of date syrup, and dried figs instead of sultanas.

An entire bag of kale was used for the Japanese Sesame Kale which includes my new favourite dressing.

Here are the ingredients:
3 tbsp Mirin
2 tbsp Light soy sauce (for GF version use tamari)
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp rice syrup (optional)

I blended these up to a smooth, creamy consistency and then drizzled the sauce over the kale (making sure to remove the stalks first!) Then I massaged the kale with my hands until it wilted in the dressing, finishing off with a sprinkle of soy roasted seeds from The Food Doctor – but if you’re gluten-free then the tamari roasted seeds from Punch Foods are also a good option. The kale wasn’t as popular as my cookies so I ended up bringing some of it back with me and having it for dinner (it was about as much as I could take after all the cake that we consumed!)

It was brilliant to try so much amazing food – my winner was the raw lasagna courgette rolls, seriously tasty! The picnic was also a fun opportunity to connect & recipe-share with like-minded people, and we were hooked up with some spectacular goody bag swag thanks to welltodo London.

Hopefully these events will become a regular thing (hint hint!), so if you’re into plant-based treats then join the Facebook group to get the lowdown on where and when the next picnic will take place.

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