A trip to Nice

Clearly I can’t get enough of France this summer! In addition to a fleeting trip to Paris last month, my friends and I booked a four-day trip to Nice over this past weekend. The holiday was extra special because one of us (not me!) is getting married next year and the rest of us have the honour of being bridesmaids on her big day. So as you can imagine there were a lot of excitable wedding chats!

It’s safe to say I fell in love with the Côte d’Azur and the whole flippin’ French Riviera. When we arrived the sea was actually shimmering in the sunlight and I didn’t realise how bright turquoise the water would be. Nice has all the benefits of a city yet has miles of beach that stretch on for ever.


We seemed to pack a lot into four days – I always find that time goes much slower when you’re in new surroundings. My friend & housemate Jenny had already spent two weeks travelling around France so was an excellent tour guide and transport navigator! We visited Cannes for the day, walked up a big hill to Nice’s ancient Chateau (love a good viewpoint), got all cultured at the Museum of Modern Art and even frequented a local nightclub which was something of a throwback to uni days!

My favourite part of the trip was visiting the medieval village of Eze. When we first arrived the whole village which sits on top of a mountain was shrouded in clouds. Disheartened about not seeing any of the promised “stunning views”, we soon perked up when we discovered the famous Fragonard perfume factory. We had a lovely free tour and after lots of testers and getting high off all the gorgeous scents in the shop I eventually caved and bought a little bottle of ‘diamant’, their bestselling ‘oriental’ perfume. I normally go for the florals so thought I’d change it up… Plus it’s always good when the assistant describes it as “the sexy one” 😉

The sun partially came out after that and we trekked up the hill and wandered around the beautiful windy streets with their shops & galleries. One of the best meals we had was at a teeny salad bar called Deli which was tucked away in the hills. The staff were so friendly and their homemade olive oil shop was right next door so they gave us free tasters for the salads we ordered. Mine had tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and mixed leaves with a basil infused oil. I wish I could have raided the shop but hand baggage allowance was limited!

When I’m at home I try to stick to a mainly healthy lifestyle. However on holiday I usually overindulge massively which doesn’t always end well! Here are some ways I stayed healthy on holiday:

– Walking a few hours everyday
– Cycling down the Promenade d’Anglais one afternoon
– Sticking to mainly fish for main meals
– Eating fresh fruit & salad when possible

Here are some ways I was NOT healthy on holiday:

– Croissants for breakfast every day
– Drinking local rosé almost every evening
– Enjoying the bread basket a bit too much
– Ice creeeeam
– Confession: our dinner on the last night was so bad that I left hungry and proceeded to splurge on 3 scoops of ice cream and a crepe. I have no regrets.

I don’t see any harm in getting boozy / sugar happy / carb coma’d if you’re enjoying yourself – especially on holiday! However if it makes you unwell (as a lot of rich food tends to make me feel) then I try my best to be mindful of that and make an effort to go for healthier options.

Apart from the above-mentioned disastrous last meal, I couldn’t fault the food we had and I would definitely consider going back again for a longer stint. We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in the Old Town of Nice which had so much character and was a two minute walk to the beach. I definitely wouldn’t have minded another day or two topping up the tan… If any of you are thinking about a quick/cheap Mediterranean getaway I would highly recommend Nice!

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