Half-Marathon Memo #3

It’s four weeks till race day and the glorious heat wave of July has disappeared. In its place are sharp winds, rain and even occasional thunderstorms. S’laters, summer!

Whilst running in cooler temperatures is actually better, I’m a massive wuss when it comes to running in the rain. I know some people really dig it, but I can’t think of much worse than getting soaked for two hours!

But while the weather gives me numerous excuses to skip out on training, I have more motivation to keep ploughing on thanks to my beautiful new running shoes! IMG_0209.JPG
Aren’t they pretty?! The guy at Runner’s Need was very helpful at picking out some choices based on my running technique (he watched me from behind  whilst running on a treadmill then squatting which wasn’t at all weird…) These are made by Brooks and cost £105, the cheaper end of the options I had. I think it’s quite hilarious too how garishly bright women’s running shoes are, these were actually the least luminous pair I tried on!

I must say though I’ve seen a massive improvement since I’ve started wearing them. I could even go as far to say they make me run faster! The support on my feet is amazing and now I can officially say I’m a ‘serious’ runner. My aches and pains have lessened too and that’s definitely shoe-related as well as being down to those iPad yoga classes. One Legged King Pigeon with Forward Fold is a bitch but feels great afterwards.

The training continues and I’m currently around 3/4 of the way there distance-wise. I’ve given up predicting my race time as it seems to vary wildly depending on what mood I’m in, but I’m hoping the adrenaline on the day will see me through in a quicker time than normal, which is about 6 mins 30 secs per km. I’m still never going to be the person who loves long distance running but I’m looking forward to race day on the Richmond course (which has no hills! Yeahhhh!) and taking part in the whole event & atmosphere. I’ll see you on the flipside… I just pray it doesn’t rain!

And as an extra special treat, I’ve decided to share my top five most embarrassing running songs upon completion of the race. You’re welcome.

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