The Spirited Sessions

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Photo credit to Rebecca Campbell,

As I lie flat on my back breathing deeply to a kundalini meditation lightly touching my ‘third eye’, I get a vision of how my sister would react if she saw what I was doing right now. Probably convulsing with suppressed laughter, exactly like we used to do in church with the vicar who had a very unfortunate speech impediment!

For those wondering why I chose to spend my Sunday at Rebecca Campbell and Robyn Silverton‘s monthly group The Spirited Sessions, I suppose the best answer I can give is that I was curious. Ever since I began working with people who talk about “energetic vibrations” and chakras and alternative healing and the love of the Universe, I’ve become more curious despite my initial shield of scepticism. They always seem to have this powerful gleam in their eyes and sense of oneness where they’re completely at ease with themselves and their surroundings. Needless to say, there’s something quite inviting about this!

Some of you may be worried about where this is going… I’m not here to write about my “spiritual journey” or my life-changing breakthrough moment. I get that for a lot of people this hippy stuff smells suspiciously like bullshit, but all I can say to that is it’s helped a lot of people get to a much happier place in their lives (myself included), whether you believe in healing crystals or not!

As soon as I read about Rebecca Campbell and her work I felt a bubbling excitement because I really related to what she was saying. Her purpose is to help her tribe, the “Ladies of the Light”, to be guided to their true calling and authentic selves. A lot of people I know are stuck in what Rebecca would call their “shadow career”, i.e. not serving the purpose they feel they were put on Earth for. In fact, quite a few of the women at the Sunday session seemed to feel this way. It’s so easy to get stuck in a job and follow the ladder before realising that actually this isn’t where you saw your life heading and there’s one or plenty of alternative routes you’d rather be exploring.

The theme of the session was intuition, or trusting your sixth sense, which definitely relates to all of those who are at some sort of crossroads in their life.

It was an intimate gathering at Shoreditch boutique Celestine Eleven and the mix of meditations, group exercises and discussion made everyone feel at ease even if you weren’t up for a big share!

If you’re like me and inwardly cringe at the phrase “group exercises” then honestly, it’s not as bad as you might think. All of our exercises were in pairs with an unknown partner, and although the aim is to get stuck in and speak from the heart and pick up on their feelings, there wasn’t any pressure to ‘get it right’ or work too intimately with your partner. After one exercise in particular where you had to face your partner for 2 minutes and tell them everything you saw/noticed in them, it was surprising how connected we felt to each other afterwards even if we didn’t share anything particularly sensitive!

We learnt some great techniques on how to get centred, create a peaceful surrounding space and make room for the light (guidance) to come in. I left feeling calmer and that extra bit happier, a feeling which lasted the rest of the day much to my boyfriend’s relief! Even if that’s all you take away then surely it’s worth two hours of your Sunday?

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