Monthly Archives: August 2014

Half-Marathon Memo #3

It’s four weeks till race day and the glorious heat wave of July has disappeared. In its place are sharp winds, rain and even occasional thunderstorms. S’laters, summer! Whilst running in cooler temperatures is actually better, I’m a massive wuss when it comes to running in the rain. I know some people really dig it, […]

Hello Fresh

I was dealt a decent turn of fate last week. As I walked past my local tube station, taking whatever flyer was pushed into my hands by some very eager leafleter for such an early hour, I noticed that I’d been handed a ¬£25 voucher for a new food delivery service called Hello Fresh. Seeing […]

A trip to the Chuckling Goat farm

This week wasn’t the normal 9-5 in that my boss and I spent two days in the depths of South West Wales with no phone signal, a dinky Citroen hire car, hanging out on a farm with 50 goats! One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet so many […]

A birthday in Paris

I celebrated my quarter-century birthday this week and as a treat to ourselves, my boyfriend Mike and I booked a little two day adventure to Paris! (It was his birthday too so double celebration YAY). We last visited Paris for New Years Eve 2012/2013 with his brother and sister-in-law, which was a pretty magical time […]

The Spirited Sessions

Photo credit to Rebecca Campbell, As I lie flat on my back breathing deeply to a kundalini meditation lightly touching my ‘third eye’, I get a vision of how my sister would react if she saw what I was doing right now. Probably convulsing with suppressed laughter, exactly like we used to do in […]

How to stay healthy when you’re broke

It’s that time of the month again…. Nope, not the one you’re thinking of! I mean the time where you check your balance and get that sad sinking feeling where you know you’ll be holed up for the next two weeks eating weird what’s-left-in-the-cupboard concoctions¬†until payday. When times get rough money-wise, a lot of us […]