Monthly Archives: July 2014

Tanya’s Cafe – Experience Raw

I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of Tanya’s Cafe at myHotel Chelsea over the weekend. My friend Amy has been following Tanya’s website Better Raw for years, and like the two healthy food geeks we are, we jumped at the chance to go and check out London’s first ever completely raw & organic superfood […]

Half-Marathon Memo #2

Eight weeks until the much anticipated half-marathon, and it feels a bit like my body is telling me off for how I’ve been training so far. My shoulders are sore, my back is aching, my blisters have blisters and I can’t remember the last time my legs didn’t feel constantly clenched. To top it all […]

Quinoa Dinner for One

London has been in the grip of a heatwave for the past two weeks, which is either a blessing or curse depending on how much you like the sun! (Personally, I love it but my fair English skin doesn’t…) I’m all for eating lighter in the summer but quite frankly I’ve never been a salad-for-dinner kind […]

5 Things I Learnt from Housemate Hunting

I’ve just finished a stressful week of housemate hunting. We had a room to fill at our place for the next 12 months and what should have been a fun process turned into a week of weird tensions and pointless arguments. Having had some time to look back on where my housemates and I went wrong (and […]

Hip & Healthy Wellbeing Event

I’ve been reading the Hip & Healthy emails religiously for over a year now and when one popped into my inbox last week advertising a free Wellbeing Event I jumped at the chance to go along! It was held at the boutique gym SP&Co in Chelsea dahling. The lovely Sadie from H&H welcomed us with a cold pressed […]

Healthy cocktail recipe

It’s the weekend and we’re throwing a house party! Sadly I’ve been feeling under the weather this week, and though I usually love house parties, the thought of entertaining people with loud music and little sleep was not immediately appealing! I always try to eat healthier when I’m ill so in prep for the party […]

Morning Gloryville

The alarm goes off at 5.40am. My first thought is “why on earth did I think I could function this early?!”. Not only function, but… go to a rave?!?! You heard me right. Instead of the average Wednesday wake-up I went to Morning Gloryville in West London – a pre-work rave that aims to get […]

#GoodTimes – the art of Facebragging

It’s the week after Glastonbury and your newsfeed is going crazy with photos and statuses – “OMG just had the BEST WEEK EVER at Glasto BEST TIME OF MY LIFE #lovelife #YOLO #soznotsoz #hadtobethere” etc. You scroll through the carefully edited album, slowly resenting yourself for getting sucked into the endless vortex of comments and […]

A very vegan dinner party

I love eating out with friends but sometimes it’s nice to show off a bit and throw an impromptu dinner party to show them you care (not to mention save a few pennies!). I thought I’d change it up a bit this week and invite my friend who I usually eat out with over for […]