The joy of missing out (JOMO).

I have to put my hands up and admit that I did not invent the phrase ‘JOMO’. I’m not 100% sure who did but I first read about it in this blog by Ruby Warrington and totally resonated. Finally, staying in is the new going out!

So yes, I may be a 24 year old ‘yuppie’ by definition and I should be spending my well-earned weekends partying hard and living it large. However, in reality you’re much more likely to find me at home in a Netflix-induced coma, or a baking frenzy, or sprawled on the sofa with my boyfriend and/or lovely housemates chatting away about life and shizzle. No joke, these are some of my happiest and most joyful moments!

I often felt that I needed a full social diary in order to validate the ‘work hard play hard’ lifestyle I adhered to at university. Living in one of the worlds best cities also means I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to going out, and I love exploring everything that London has to offer. However, for around 2 weeks of the month (usually before payday) you’ll find me reluctant to leave the house unless seriously persuaded… *Hint. It helps if there’s food involved.

This can sometimes be a money issue, but mostly I just love spending time at home. There’s nothing better than coming home after a busy day and planning an evening exactly how you want it; cooking something yummy for dinner, reading a book or watching a film then having an early night (I’m a big fan of sleep. More on that later).

I used to feel like I always had to say ‘yes’ whenever I was invited to a party or night out. This wasn’t always the wrong decision, but sometimes I knew that these situations would drain my energy and leave me feeling strung out on small talk, giving me a strong urge to go into hibernation!

Bottom line? Don’t be afraid to say NO. If you know that an event is going to leave you overloaded, choose to put yourself first. It’ll do wonders for your inner zen and help you become your own best friend.

So here’s to all of my fellow pyjama-loving Grandma’s in training out there! Give your brain a much needed break and plan a night (or weekend, depending how big you want to go) doing exactly what you want to do for yourself. It could be catching up on a project you’ve neglected, making time to exercise or zoning out to trashy reality tv. Whatever it is, enjoy the liberation of JOMO!



  1. Such an important topic, particularly considering the ever-increasing number of Instagrammers who make it look like their life’s a continuous party, even if it’s not. There’s a tendency to choreograph our lives in a way that can be quite deceiving… Thanks for your post, it’s SO relevant just now.

  2. Thank you Andrea! ūüôā

  3. […] Three fancy cocktails or an extra groceries shop? Instead of blowing your money on meals out and Cosmos try and plan your social life¬†around cheaper activities that could help support your health and wellbeing e.g. exercise classes, walks/picnics in¬†the park, going to a¬†street food market, bike rides¬†etc.!¬†Make the most of your nights in too. […]

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