A weekend in Oxford.

Back in my interning days many moons ago I spent 3 months in Oxford working for a teeny publishing company. I’ve not been back since despite it being so close to London (under an hour on the train and not much £ either).

But this weekend the whole Tewkesbury clan was there to celebrate a milestone in my family – my dad turning 70!


Yes I know, 70 is old. My friends can never quite believe it when I tell them as he’s in pretty good health – he runs 3 times a week, goes to the gym, rarely drinks alcohol and enjoys nothing more than a good salad (lol).

My brother, sister and I all travelled to be there with our respective partners – a bit of an occasion in itself seeing as we haven’t all been together in one place before – and stayed in the grand-sounding Royal Oxford Hotel which was very conveniently located near the station and had lovely staff.

Highlights from Saturday included punting (we mainly let the boyfs do the hard work) and watching the students celebrate their graduation around the city. There was a lot of silly string / tinsel (?!) / glitter / flower necklaces adorning their gowns, and much posh joking about throwing each other in the canal. Jolly good fun. That is, until we were splashed in the boat by said jokers.




It was awesome to hang out with everyone on Saturday night and we had an incredible meal at Bills where the staff put up with us for almost 4 hours. Even though I had to miss a birthday party for a close friend I didn’t really find myself thinking about it much (so there, FOMO!) And what’s more the relaxed atmosphere meant I was hangover-free, which I was grateful for.

I couldn’t stop myself from a bit of bookshop browsing and also brought back a souvenir from the cafe we had lunch at today. Organic, hand-crafted Czech beer that proudly pronounces itself as gluten-free – who woulda thunk it?! I’ll let you know how it tastes!


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