Monthly Archives: June 2014

Zoo Lates and Holi Festival

It’s Monday and I’m exhausted after a busy but very fun weekend! On Friday I had a Zoo Lates Date, which I’ve been dying to go to for ages. I’ve visited London Zoo once before and felt a bit like I was wading through sticky, screechy children so the thought of an adults only lock-in definitely […]

The joy of missing out (JOMO).

I have to put my hands up and admit that I did not invent the phrase ‘JOMO’. I’m not 100% sure who did but I first read about it in this blog by Ruby Warrington and totally resonated. Finally, staying in is the new going out! So yes, I may be a 24 year old […]

Half-Marathon Memo #1.

So for me, 2014 has officially been declared the Year of Running. Pre-2014, I had considered myself one of those “I’m not a running person” types and was equally amazed and appalled at anyone who could manage to wheeze their way through 5km. But now it seems that everyone in London is at it, myself included! […]

A weekend in Oxford.

Back in my interning days many moons ago I spent 3 months in Oxford working for a teeny publishing company. I’ve not been back since despite it being so close to London (under an hour on the train and not much £ either). But this weekend the whole Tewkesbury clan was there to celebrate a […]

Money on my mind.

You know that moment when a friend announces at dinner that she’s just got a GREAT promotion at work. Everyone enthuses for a few minutes, (“go girl!”, high fives etc.) then there’s a slightly stilted pause as you wonder if anyone will risk the social faux pas and ask the question you’re all dying to […]